About this site
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About this site

An alias, a pen name.

My name is Drew and I have a passion for gaming, gay culture, fitness, programming, writing, and expressing my opinion. At BeefyGaymer, I can bring these passions together.

BeefyGaymer is an alias that I have used in recent years on social media and in gaming communities. I believe that the name well represents the topics that I enjoy discussing. Though I do not believe in limiting the subject matter that I explore, I do have a focus here on a few categories:

  • Gaming, of course.
  • LGBTQ+ gaming and representation in video games.
  • Gay culture.

And occasionally:

  • Music and artists.
  • Programming and app development.
  • Health and fitness.

I may also share some personal details from time to time.

If there is an audience, I may be looking for additional contributors in the future as well!