New Music Friday

September 3rd, 2021. In this week's New Music Friday, we'll be taking a look at Dawn of Chromatica, the Chromatica remix album by Lady Gaga, and more!

New Music Friday
Each week, I like to highlight a few albums or songs that were released in the past week. If you have stumbled across any new songs this past week that I should listen to, leave a comment at the bottom of this page!

I'll admit, I am a horrible gay because I was not living for Chromatica! 😬 Despite not thoroughly enjoying the record, there were a few tracks that caught my attention: Alice, Fun Tonight, 911, Replay, and Babylon. Fortunately, the anticipated remix album has dropped today! While not perfect, it does add a few tracks to my Chromatica listening experience.

Dawn of Chromatica is the title of the remix album by Lady Gaga. The tracks that stood out, I really enjoyed. The tracks that were just okay, are well... just okay. The tracks that are bad, they are really bad. I don't even want to cover those but some had potential. I really wanted to like the remix for "911" because it includes Charli XCX, I just cannot. One that had potential, "Sine From Above", had almost of the makings for a great remix. However, they added some seriously loud and obnoxious noises into it that ensure I will never listen to it again.

Now, onto the highlights. "Free Woman - Rina Sawayama & Clarence Clarity Remix" is an improvement on both the previously released remix and the original track. Rina's vocals are a wonderful addition! I loved the original version of "Replay" but "Replay - Dorian Electra Remix" is the superior version. It is rocking and an absolute banger! I really enjoyed both remixes of "Babylon" featured on this record. "Babylon - Haus Labs Version" was leaked long ago and it is great to see it appear here. I enjoy it more than the original and the other remix. It is the featured video below! If you have "Babylon" on your playlists, both of these remixes would be fun to mix in to change it up!

Unfortunately, not all of the submitted remixes made the final cut for the album and a few artists did not meet the deadline set by the label. It would have been really interesting to hear some of those other artist's interpretations. Perhaps another day!

A few other songs to note of the week are the following:

  • "Good Ones" Charli XCX
    While I did not enjoy her addition to "911", she is serving it here! She is well overdue for another hit.
  • "Acapulco" Jason Derulo
    Fun new song that sounds destined to be another TikTok trend.
  • "Sun Came Up" Sofi Tukker and John Summit
    This song is dreamy and then drops an energetic beat.
  • "I Don't Want You" Riton and RAYE
    I've been loving just about anything with RAYE on the track.

Any other suggestions, leave them below!